Discover Your Acne Treatment Options

Acne is a common skin condition that almost everyone will deal with at some point throughout their life. Acne can occur anywhere on the body but often occurs on the face, chest, and back. There are different types of acne, and it can be frustrating to deal with. Acne can impact your self-confidence and make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Your dermatologists at Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates in Wellesley Hills, MA, can explain your acne treatment options and how they can give you the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

Treating Your Acne

When it comes to treating your acne, your dermatologists in Wellesley Hills, MA, will work with you to find an acne treatment plan that can target your specific needs and help you achieve the results that you’re looking for. Acne treatment is different for each person and may require multiple methods to help keep your skin clear and looking healthy. You may need to try multiple forms of treatment before you find the solution that works best for you.

Common forms of acne treatment include:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide- This is used for mild cases and helps to reduce blockages that can occur in the hair follicles.
  • Oral and Topical Antibiotics- These are used to treat infections that can occur in your pores.
  • Tretinoin- This is a derivative of Vitamin A and is used to unplug any material that may be blocked up inside your pores.
  • Extraction- Your dermatologist will use a small metal tool to push down on pores and remove whiteheads and blackheads from the skin.
  • Hormonal Treatments- This is primarily used for adult women who may be dealing with acne that is caused by a change in hormone levels.

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