Your Acne Treatment Options
April 10, 2020
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There’s a myriad of acne treatment options out there, from washes, gels, and creams, to procedures and prescription medications. Due to this variety, it can also be extremely tough to pinpoint which ones will be most effective for you. Likewise, the best acne treatment for you will heavily depend on what specific type of acne you’re suffering from and how severe it is.

Fortunately, a visit to one of the dermatologists here at Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates, P.C. in Wellesley, MA, can help you narrow your options—read on to learn more.

Non-Prescription Treatment Options for Acne

If you have mild acne, you can start with OTC treatments that don’t require a prescription. Facial cleansers with salicylic acid are especially great for acne since they help get rid of excess oil and clears out your pores. If you have sensitive skin, find a cleanser that’s specially formulated for sensitive skin. Aside from a facial wash, you’ll also need specific products that will target acne. These include products with adapalene and benzoyl peroxide.

The combination of these ingredients is typically the starting point for combatting acne. Adapalene is a retinoid derived from vitamin A. This functions by increasing the turnover of skin cells to help unclog pores and keep them clear. Benzoyl peroxide also helps in drying out acne, thus unclogging pores and killing the bacteria that causes acne to develop. Do take note that you need to use the treatments for two to three months at least to see if they work to keep your acne at bay.

When to Consult a Dermatologist for Acne

You can consult your dermatologist in Wellesley, MA, at any time during your acne treatment journey. Yes, most people start off with drugstore treatments, which might work for some. But no two acne cases are completely the same, and your dermatologist will be able to give you customized treatments and advice that will be tailor-fitted to your specific case.

Further, it’s important to note that nodules (which are very painful masses that are located under-the-skin) and cystic acne, (which is inflamed acne due to a damaged follicle wall) are immensely tough to get rid of. If you suffer from one of these severe types of acne, OTC treatments won’t work, and you will need a personalized treatment plan from your dermatologist.

Tired of Battling Acne On Your Own? We Can Help

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