Are My Moles Concerning?

Would you be able to spot skin cancer?

While moles shouldn’t necessarily be a cause for concern (after all, almost everyone has them), it’s still important that you are examining your moles regularly and turning to our Wellesley Hills, MA, dermatologists at Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates once a year for a comprehensive skin cancer screening so we can catch problems early.

What Should I Look For?

It’s important that apart from visiting our Wellesley Hills, MA, dermatologists once a year so they can examine your moles for early signs of skin cancer, you are also doing your part and examining your skin once a month on your own. These self-exams are important for catching any worrisome changes in a mole as quickly as possible. Some warning signs of melanoma include,

  • Asymmetrical growths or moles: A healthy mole should be perfectly symmetrical. Draw an invisible line down the middle of your mole. If both sides look identical in shape and size this is a good sign; however, if you notice that each half looks very different it might be time to have our dermatologist check your mole.
  • Jagged and uneven borders: A healthy mole will also have a clearly defined border, but a cancerous mole is more like to have a poorly defined, ragged, or uneven border.
  • Changing colors: A mole should stay the same color over time, even though it may get a little darker over the years; however, if you start to notice multiple colors appearing in the mole, particularly shades of white, blue, or pink, it’s time to schedule a checkup.
  • Large moles: Larger moles (moles that are bigger than a pencil eraser) are also more at risk for developing melanoma over time. If you have larger moles you could definitely benefit from turning to our team once a year for a head-to-toe skin cancer screening.
  • A mole that looks different: Moles should stay relatively the same shape, size, and color over time, so any changes in the mole may warrant having our dermatologist check it out just to be on the safe side. Moles that bleed, crust, ooze, or hurt should also be further evaluated by a skincare professional.

Worried about your moles? No problem. Our Wellesley Hills, MA, dermatologists at Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates can perform a skin cancer screening to make sure all moles look healthy. Call us today at (781) 237-3500.