Skin Exam

Skin Exams in Wellesley, MA

Like dental checkups or physicals, skin exams should be part of your health maintenance routine. By examining your own skin once a month and visiting a dermatologist for an exam once a year, your chances of finding and treating any skin cancers in their early stages are greatly increased. People with a history of skin cancer may need to be evaluated more often.

Skin Exam Doing frequent self-skin exams is an important part of maintaining your health. Every month, you should stand undressed in front of a full-length mirror and observing the pattern of moles, freckles and other characteristics of your skin. You may need a hand-held mirror or assistance from a partner to see the top of your head, your back, bottoms of your feet or other hard-to-reach places. By establishing awareness of your skin's typical features, you can better identify any changes that might occur. These changes should be brought to a dermatologist's attention as soon as possible. A dermatologist can give you further instructions on techniques to examine yourself for abnormalities.

A normal full-body skin exam at a dermatology office should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes, as the dermatologist will do a head-to-toe evaluation of your skin. This is also a good time to mention any areas of concern you may have discovered during your self exams. The physician will also evaluate your medical history and make any necessary recommendations for removal and biopsy of changing moles or other skin abnormalities. The spots may be removed during this appointment or you may be scheduled to return at another time.

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