The Benefits of a Skin Exam

An important part of keeping yourself healthy is by getting regular skin exams to make sure that you’re totally healthy and there are no signs of any serious issues that could affect your life. Not only should you do monthly skin exams on your own at home, but you should be sure to visit your dermatologist once a year for a professional exam. Your dermatologist will be able to check for abnormalities and catch issues before they become more serious and harder to treat. Your dermatologists at Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates in Wellesley Hills, MA, can explain the importance of skin exams and how they can help you stay healthy.

The Importance of Skin Exams

At least once a month, you should be doing a thorough skin exam. This means standing in front of a mirror and completely checking every area of your body. You may need a handheld mirror to check your back and the bottoms of your feet. Doing regular skin exams on yourself can help you spot any abnormalities and changes before they become serious. This is also important if you have a history of skin cancer.

You should visit your dermatologist in Wellesley Hills, MA, for skin exams once a year. They’ll be able to do a head-to-toe evaluation and check for any irregularities you may have missed. This also gives you a chance to voice any concerns you may have and ask any questions you have about your skin and any issues you may be facing. They can also use this time to take a biopsy if necessary and can get started on removal as soon as possible.

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