Keep an Eye on Your Moles

Moles can appear anywhere on the skin and it’s important that when you get a new mole, you keep an eye on it to check for any irregularities. When new moles start growing and they’re showing specific irregular features, this could be a sign of skin cancer. That’s why it’s so important that you’re regularly checking your moles and checking for new ones. Your dermatologists at Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates in Wellesley Hills, MA, can explain more about moles and why you should be checking them.

Keeping an Eye on Your Moles

There are many different types of moles that your dermatologist in Wellesley Hills, MA, can deal with and inform you about. Moles are normally round or oval, are brown or black, and can appear anywhere on your skin. They can be different textures or diameters and it’s important that you have a general understanding of where moles are on your body and what they all look like.

You should be checking your entire body and all your moles at least once a month to keep an eye out for any changes. If you start noticing changes in the shape, size, or color of your mole, you should visit your dermatologist as soon as possible for a checkup and to make sure that there aren’t any issues. The sooner that you are able to see your dermatologist once you notice an irregularity, the easier it may be to catch the beginning signs of skin cancer. The sooner that you catch it, the easier it can be to treat.

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