Moles: What You Need To Know

Moles aren't always a cause for concern, but it can be difficult for you to make that determination on your own. There are guidelines to follow, and they'll be outlined below, but nothing replaces the need for regular consultations with your dermatologist. So if you are concerned about your moles then it's best to seek help directly from your local Wellesley Hills, MA, skin experts from Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates.

More Than Just a Mole

ABCDE is the simple system you can use to determine if a mole is just a mole, it is not a definitive way to do so, but it can help you keep track of concerning moles in between office visits with your dermatologist.

A refers to asymmetry, it means you should be watchful of any mole that is not symmetric. That is, that does not have an even shape to it.

B is for borders, and you should look for moles that have jagged or irregular edges.

C is for color, as concerning moles will often have no uniform pigmentation to them.

D is for diameter, and you should closely examine moles that are rather large, a common way to determine if a mole is too big is to compare it against a pencil's eraser, or if it's larger than one-quarter inch.

Finally, E, refers to evolving, which means that if a mole is experiencing changes over time, perhaps over weeks, months, or even years, you should have it examined by your doctor. These changes can include any of the above variables, be its size, color, or general shape.

Treatment for Moles in Wellesley Hills, MA

Self-examinations are very important to help prevent complications and have any potential issue treated in time, but just as important are regular checkups with your dermatologist.

If you have moles that are concerning or are interested in a regular examination, then you can schedule a visit in Wellesley Hills, MA, with your local dermatologists from Newton Wellesley Dermatology Associates by dialing (781) 237-3500.